People who values their time makes a lot of money.

One may ask what is the biggest mistake of people make In life?   The biggest mistake of life is when you think that you have time. Time is free gift of nature but it is priceless and as well expensive to purchase. You can own it, but cannot use it as well. You cannot keep it but spend it either positively or negatively. And once Is lost you can never get it back. Meanwhile, the average man lives 78 years we spend 28.3 years of our life sleeping without being careful of our time. That’s almost third of our life but 30% of us struggle to sleep well. We spend 10.5 years of our life working but over 50% of us want to leave our current job.   Remember that business men regards time than money, therefore time is more valuable than money. We can get more money, but we can never get more time like that of money.   Remember that we give more attention to social media, therefore we give or spend 9 years on T.V and social media. We spend 6 years doing chores. We spend 4 years eating and drinking. We spend 3.5 years in education. We spend 2.5 years grooming. We spend 2.5 years shopping if eventually You have anything to shop for. We spend 1.5 years in child care. And we spend 1.3 years commuting. That leaves us with 9 years. Now how do we spend that time? Steve Jobs said “your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else life”. So therefore, there is good news and bad news as well. The good news is that you are the pilot of your time and the bad news is that time flies. Could you imagine when you wake up every day with #280,000 in your bank account and at night you consume it an It’s all gone whether you spent it or not. And in the next day you work out another #280,000. What would we do with it? Every #280,000 seconds are deposited in your life account. At the end of the day once the are all use up, you get a new#280,000 seconds. We should never waste it if it was money, so why do we waste it when comes to time. Do you know that those seconds are more powerful than any currency because you can always make money, but you can not always make more time.         To realize the power of time in the                       life of man 1) To realize the value of 1 year, asked a student who failed a grade. 2) To realize the value of one month, asked a mother who lost their baby in the final month. 3) To realize the value of one week, asked the editor of an online magazine. 4) To realize the value of one hour, asked the couple whose in a long distance relationship. 5) To realize the value of one minute, asked the person who just missed flight. 6) To realize the value of one second, asked a person who just missed an accident. 7) To realize the value of millisecond, asked a person who just came 2nd at Olympics. We usually think that is people wasting our time, but it is us giving them the opportunity and permissions to do what they do. And truly, this two people lives inside us. Do not let someone be a priority when all you are to them is an options. Some of us lost people around most important or precious and to us because we do not value their time to us. Some Of us do not recognize how important someone is to us until they are gone.          There are voices in us . 1) Voice that wants to uplift you. 2) Voice that wants us to expand. 3) Voice that wants us to grow.         Meanwhile, there are other          voice.             1) The voice that holds us down or back. 2) The voice that makes us lazy. 3) The voice that makes us complacent.      that’s the voice that will restrict our      Potential. Everyday from the moment we wake up until the moment we Go to bed. Inside of us there is this battle between the voices. But in all one wines. The one that wine Is the one we listen most. The one we feed. The one we simplify. Therefore, it’s our choice of how we use our time and life. And both are teacher of one another. Life teaches us how to make good use of time. And time teaches us the value of life.  According to Williams Shakespeare, he said” Time is very important to those who wants, very fast to those who are scared of it, very long to those who are sad, very short for those who celebrate, but for those who love, time is eternal. Meanwhile, when Jesus Christ was on earth, he properly made used of his time. Jesus Christ was successful to his mission because he use his time adequately to the extent he waits time to reach before he will to any thing he wants to do. Remember Jesus always use this word ” it is not yet time to do this” so He always move ahead of time before everything. That was why all went successful. Remember also if an  occultist gives an assignment to carried out, they always be conscious of time. If you fail do the assignment at the stipulated time you will be penalized. Which may even warrant them to involve the end of your life. So therefore, to understand how to make use of time adequately, it involves you beyond physical and only those who are beyond physical and Gods intervention can understand the way you can see and use your time.

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