Life is the matter of choice

Why you should be the way you are probably, prudent, God fearing and wise

Life is full of experiences, many have gone contrary towards their plans today because inexperience of things around them. The best knowledge one could have is the knowledge of experience and what one known by yourself also the best thought is a taught one thought to one self. Many thought that life is about eating and drinking but not knowing that life is full of surprises. The way you may think of it may not turn to be like that.

I choose to be wise, God fearing and prudent not because I can follow what life turn-out for me but because I choose to have them. Therefore, life is the matter of choice, God fearing is the beginning of wisdom and through wisdom you have prudent and smartness. And the Lord said “because you have rejected wisdom, I the Lord have rejected you too” hence you have rejected wisdom your life will be astray. Many thought that life should be taken the way it turns out to be. Some young men are into bribery today because they think it is what life turn-out to be while many are into prostitutions, in the other hand many others have turned themselves to baby factory while some are into kidnapping. But this kind of people engage in such activities think that it’s what life turn-out to be in their lives but not knowing that life itself is full of surprises and things keep happening the way the are and other wise.

Life being the matter of choice is the way and how you want things to be happening around you either negative or positive. Many have chosen to turn to be better today because of the kind of choice they have chosen while many have moved into danger zone also because of the kind of things they see around them but not because of the choice they chosen for them selves. Some of us are being moved because of the things i.e material things we see around us predominantly, women (Ladies) and some of us are going about of what we heard predominantly, men (Guys) this is believable and unarguable that everyone has good intention to get better and great in the nearest future but it is unfortunate that some of us end-up making wrong decision and choice as well inorder to make things work out fast but not knowing that there is no short Curt to success, any who chooses to follow short Curt must be cut short.

There are two lives on earth one is heaven on earth and the other one is hell on earth. Many have gone to hell on earth which is poverty and hardship while few are in heaven on earth which is wealth and power. Nowadays, many have been risking their lives to be in heaven on earth ending in making wrong decision and choice. Meanwhile, some may succeed to enter that heaven on earth by force because “the kingdom is suffering violent and only violent people taken it by force”.

Life being the matter of choice has to do with “you being the change you wish to see in the world and around you” play hard, work hard, subject your self to the test and put your self on the right track, be stronger and strive to be the best, be dedicated in what you do, what gives you name is what you do. Your identity is determined based on what you do and what you are is what you do, what you do provide name for you, is either you could bear president, doctor, comedian, actor or actress even blogger all this names are based on your occupation and what you do. Therefore, what you do is like a server to you which provides network for service and your service qualify you as an individual. Therefore, let’s make a good and perfect choice and decision today on what we do to have a perfect identity.

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