Change is inevitable and constant. Good governance count afterwards.

The people of Imo state in Nigeria have sincerely appreciate the present sitting Governor of the state for his hardworking and some of the impact he had played so far to make sure that Imo state is used for good story. The governor of the state Owelle Rochas Okorocha,  the people of Imo state have thank you for your impact and hard work which is Obviously and acknowledge by the people of the state.

With the opportunity  given to you, to serve the people of the state which you have delivered we say thanks for the ones people believe that you did.

With this same opportunity, the masses are still welcoming the new Governor elect Honorable Emeka Ihedioha “1” omenke ahuruaya. Who is about to take over the mandate given to him to serve the people of IMO State.

The people of IMO State are happy to hear and see that power can change hands. At this point, people witness the best election so far conducted in the state where the man whom the masses voted for was given the mandate and was declared winner. This is where the power of democracy played role and this made the people of the state believe the power of democracy.

The people of the state are more than happy to hear that the man whom they have been calling to come and lead them was finally given the mandate to lead.

Rt Honorable Emeka Ihedioha, you are welcome. The true leader of his people, the peoples choice and peoples desire, the man that can carry Imo lite along, the man that is sent by God to come and deliver his people.

Imo lite believes in you and put their trust in you with all their hearts, believing that God will give you his strength to lead the great people of IMO State both the poor and the rich, educated and non educated, prominent and other wise.

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