The way to make real money is to create new ideas to solve problems around you.

Why wealthy people not necessarily look for money is because they create solutions and make way for money and money follow them. For instance, Larry page, server Brin these people have invested higher in money and they have solve their own problems and also they help to solve peoples problem by helping them to find something faster on internet and billions of dollars follow them. Another person is Mark Zuchkerberg , this man created a platform on marketing socialization and millions of dollars follow him. Another man is Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak produced some sites of computer and billions of dollars follow them.

What of you, what problem are helping helping to solve for humanity?

What are your own missions?

What kind of new thing have you help to create or discover?

What idea are you using to make things to be accomplished?

In what area are you good for, on which platform are you following to make people around you know what you are good of?

What good are you? What is the purpose of your existence?

Are you one of those people that always go to the mountains to pray for break through without knowing what to do to be wealthy?

Or, do you expect to be wealthy just like that?, does it work out like that?

Do you know that real wealth come by solving people’s problems surrounding you?

Do you know that wealth doesn’t exist without a problem been solved?

Do you know that one of the most important reasons why some parts of Africa are poor is because they believe that some magic ones can them make money through their magic ways.

Do you know that you can do the right thing for God by praying to Him and do the right thing for humanity by solving problems for the betterment of the people? And God will be more happier for Us.

Nigeria is one of the most important and popular country in Africa and popularly well known across the globe, they have money as well as having power problem(electricity challenges)

Nigeria have bad roads, health care system are too poor,and the youths are self slavery because of lack of job opportunity, No regard for the leaders of tomorrow which are the youths.

It’s obvious that more than 15 million Nigerian are disabled and more than 30 millions are desperate looking for job.

Meanwhile, they prominent Nigerians pray to God to baptize them with fresh ideas to solve problems within their range. God will definitely create new ideas to enable them to solve problems by connecting them to the right partner.

Dear brothers, sisters and friends Lets change the way of thinking and pray to make things turn around by creating new things and solve problems. You can not do this alone . Moreover, there’s no short cuts to success let’s look for problems to solve for the better of human survival.

Bad roads in Nigeria is one of the things that prevents development to explore.

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