Why you most not put your 100% trust in educational certificate to survive.

Education is the only thing that has never left anyone empty.

Why do many people believes so much in educational certificate which might fail to provide you an automatic job after graduation. Some of the youths nowadays are doing their best to invest in education with the hope that education will give them reward with the provision of automatic job or thereabout. It’s not arguable that that education provides what it takes to stand and fit in the society. Without education many will continue to live in bondage but it not mandatory the after school, education will give you an automatic job which is not necessarily the need for education.

It’s obvious that many failed to succeed in life because they fail to do the right thing, and some failed because they were not opportune to follow their minds to preform on their talent. There are many talented young men who are not meant to go to school before they survive but their talent, may be hindered by forcing them to school thereby, provide room to waste their time in vain. Meanwhile, Africans have this mentality that “you must go to school” this is our mentality but no knowing that everyone is not meant to survive through school.

In Nigeria, we have over 6 millions graduates who have not seen their period to survive today but they are graduates who spent almost all their resources to attend education. And this kind of situation want to render education not worthy again in Nigeria. And it’s obvious that most of these graduates are with first class and other valuable grades.

Now it’s obviously understand that education in Nigeria is downgrading and it is not what it was before, therefore the youths should make a U-turn inorder to overcome hardship and poverty. Because hardship and poverty are the music dance of the day in Nigeria and the worst part of this is that the level of unemployment, poverty rate and hardship are increasing almost everyday. In other wards, youths have lost their hope of survival but their are still available chances to make your name heard among people in the world today, educated youth should engage in some activities in social media like blogging, comedian or musician this have been the solution to people’s problem all over the world apply this and it will work.

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