The reason why Coke dominates among the people.

The following things will prove to you that every where is dominated with Coca-Cola fans. The dominant of Coca-Cola is ineradicable over the world perhaps, other minerals can not penetrate the popularity of Coke.

I sincerely appreciate the Coca-Cola company which specializes on premium quality of Coca-Cola brand. Meanwhile, according to Jeffrey R. Avner.
“Coca leaf products are an integral part of the lives of the Andean peoples from both a cultural and traditional medicine perspective. Coca is also the whole plant from which cocaine is derived. Coca products are thought to be a panacea for health troubles in regions of South America. This review will examine the toxicology of whole coca and will also look at medicinal applications of this plant, past, present, and future.”

Moreover, Coca chewing is thought to decrease the feeling of hunger in Andean peoples. Further investigation of this phenomenon has discovered that coca has effects on glucose homeostasis. Chewing coca leaves has been found to elevate blood glucose above the fasting level. This finding led Bolton to believe that coca has a fundamental metabolic function for those Indians with difficulties in glucose homeostasis. This finding of elevated glucose after coca chewing also lends scientific credibility to the native belief that coca staves off hunger pains .

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