I found myself loving Coke.

It’s not a regrettable thing to me for finding myself in the midst of the crowd who have fallen in love with Coca-Cola (Coke). It’s one of those things which you can see yourself doing, following the moving company. I came across the writing stories concerning Coca and why it is the best among people that were surrounded by the Coca which comprises with many different things which Andean people in South America love most. So according to Jeffrey R. Avner an academic editor said

“Coca is an indigenous plant of South America with alkaloid components, the most well-known one of which is the psychoactive component, cocaine. Its leaves have been a staple in the Andean lifestyle for thousands of years. Strong interest in coca use has existed in the anthropological world for decades. Areas of study have not only attempted to understand traditional use during the Incan empire and coca’s role in folk medicine, but also focused on factors that influence the ability of this native tradition to continue in the face of increasingly strict regulations of coca production. Efforts have been made to understand the long-term Andean use of coca, with subsequent research examining the scientific basis behind local beliefs. This review will examine the history of coca production, its toxicity profile, and its varied uses throughout the centuries. It is important to note that although coca continues to be valuable to native Andean people for religious and cultural reasons, travelers to these regions need to be aware that there is a paucity of medical data supporting the safe use of Coca . The astute toxicologist should maintain an understanding of the cultural pressures experienced by contemporary travelers.”

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