One Man Can Change The World.

To change the world, you rather change the people.

When there is perception of sufficient reason, there will be a consistent change.change is one thing that is constant which could be positive or negative. But mainly I focus on positive change.

As every being is intelligible because it’s an object of intellection to human intellect.

There’s always a sufficient reason for the existence or occurrence of a thing.

Every agent acts towards an end – “Aristotle”

As ever being is intelligible because it’s an object of intellection to human intellect.

But, you exist that is why you must be an object of knowledge.but if you did not exist, you would not be a preoccupation of human intellect. In other words, knowledge is an inbuilt in human, humanity has the capability to reason critically in other to change.

The world is too varied,for you to act on. It doesn’t matter of who you’re nor the background you come out from. An American musician Mr. Lil Wayne said that he rather change the people than the world.

The power of change based on reason, when you reason beyond your knowledge, you act on it. I learnt that practice makes perfect,but remember that it’s written that no man is perfect, but practice has come to make you to be perfect. The essence of life is education and the essence of education is to make you be a perfect thinker, good in feeling and good in action.and the end product of education is to make you a good thinker that will produce perfect products.

When you learn, you change both in thinking, behaviour and in mind.

  • There’s a sufficient reason for the existence or occurrence of a thing. There’s why what happen happened, there’s a sufficient reason why you exist as a person. Have you asked this question to yourself why is my existence come to reality. And what answer did you give to yourself. You’re purposely come to reality to change the world,but you rather change the people in the world, when you made this change you have changed the world.

Change comes when you come to realize yourself,is when you will begin to make changes. We have forsaken ourselves in such a way that we can not even penetrate into the world of vision or imagination again, inorder to make a drastic change. A drastic change is a perfect change which one must leave his/her old ways of doing things to a new one. A perfect thinking provide variety of critical thinking to make a perfect change of doing new thing and creating new thing.

  • Every agent acts towards an end. Yes, it’s true that the end or purpose of the acting agent is a motivator or the intention of the acting agent. It’s true that everyone has an intension or plan.but the big question

What kind of plans do you have?

Are you the type that plans without proper execution?

Do you know that you can influence people around you with a positive change?

In what way do you intend to change the world?

Today, what is it do you want to be your expected end?

Do you not know that you can be productive and create a legacy for an unforgettable remembrance?

You have many prominent people around you who have delivered, people who you wish to be like, you have great elites in your community who dominates and over shadow everyone.

Do you not believe that you can do much more better than those people?.

What legacy can you boost of and tell the story behind it?.

Do you not know that an icon always have stories to tell?.

Meet great men in your community, in your state, in your country and in the world at large, ask them how far, all have great pityingly story to tell you which they passed through before becoming what they are today.

Move out and find one problem to solve. People who solve problems always remain prosper.

Change the people around you with your great talent. You can change the world, believe it and accept it, it shall come to you. Dreamers always invent new things.

Today have a great dream to create a legacy for indefinite remembrance.

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