The Top Is Empty And It Needs To Be Filled Up. How to push it to the top.

It’s necessary to understand this, The top is too broad but very empty. Meanwhile, floor is filled up and there is no longer space for the young ones to accommodate. Everyone is desperate to find his/her own way to accommodate a small space at the floor, while there is a very big space at the Top which no one has ever thought of. Can you leave that little space you’re dying for and focus on that one which no one has thought about?  Pushing it to top, is imagination which must come to reality. It’s necessary that your present position, is that floor which must be a left over for your younger ones. Your president is not necessarily matter.  But the most important one to focus on, is the Top which is the future. You have seen the present but you have not been able to see the future which is the Top. Do you believe me that, you can get another job bigger than your previous one, which could only be possible  when you leave the present job.

Let me tell you, you will not know how it works, but the truth is that, you will confess to your friends that, the previous job was like a heavy load to you.

but now, you have got this president one, it’s like this present job is more better than the previous job. Believe me, you will not know when you will say it. This simply means that, if you didn’t force yourself to leave the present, the future will never come to you. Take this or move for enquiry.

You can only believe me when you come across it.

Do you not know that, you were been employed because one left his/her parent job in that same particular office.?

Do you not know that, someone was employed because you left your present job?

You must confess only when you leave the present and focus on the future. Afterwards, you tell story that the future is better.

I believe that, we must continue to push it  the top while the floor is filled up.

 How are you pushing it to the top?

Do you believe that you can make it to the top?

Do you know that the future which you have not seen is bigger than the present?

The previous job you left, how did you see it with the present?

Sincerely, you have to leave the present to young men and women who are under you and focus on the future which is bigger than the present, so that people who are bigger than you will also leave their present job for you and focus on the future as you did to those who are under you. And it goes like that. That is, it goes from cell to cell.

Pushing it to the top is a tax which everyone must emphasize on, for the betterment of oneself, and it has to do with putting more effort on the present to encounter the future.

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