Should A Working Class Lady Take The Advantage Of Her Work To Overlook Her Responsibilities At Home?

It is now a challenge to men who have working class wife. It’s now difficult to get things done at home. They rather put more focus on their office duties than to take care of the husband and children. It’s good to marry a working class wife but her work at home should not be neglected.

There is a woman, who lost her marriage because of her office work. It’s that proper?

You rather lose your job than to lose your marriage after she most have given birth to a six years old child.

Meanwhile, this woman was unable to give her only child attention because of her job. And it was too unbearable to the child that her mom is a careless mother to her. The husband  was not happy at all. He loves her wife so much, but with anger he made a statement that if anything happens to his child, he will send her back to her parents house. And the lady made a very big effort to advice her husband to get someone that can take good care of their child. At the side of the husband, he did not welcome it but the wife insisted that he should accept it, inorder to help their child on doing her homework. The husband said ok, hence you insist no problem, find one by yourself. The wife went to get a graduate with a grade of second class upper, to help their child on homework and the young lady was employed by in the family. As soon as she started work, the child said aunty I am hungry but there is nothing in the house to eat. The lady was surprised and said to her,  did your mother not keep food for you? The child replied how I wish I have a mother…she said this every time even in the presence of guests. But the lady cautioned, telling her that’s not proper to deny a mother. But the small child said but it’s true that I don’t have a mother.

The lady had to prepare food for her, as soon as she started cooking good for the child.  the mother had to transfer every other thing to the newly employed lady and increase her salary as well. The child was  more closer to the lady than the mother. At the mean time, the child start calling the new Lady mother. To the extent at the child’s birthday, the father asked her to make her wish in the presence of everyone, the child said to everyone how I wish that my Dady will marry aunty Vivian as my Month. Everyone was surprised, immediately the father propose to the Lady to accept him as her husband with a ring . Immediately the lady accept the man and they celebrate over it. At a spot, the formal wife enter into the roof and everything was like a dream to her. What a disgrace to the woman.

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