Why Private Sector May Lose Workers In The Future.

There are many things that may cause worker to quit their present jobs in private sector and focus on personal business. The private workers are no longer happy with some of the things they are passing through, they can no longer bear on how they are been treated, how their right, chance and time are been manipulated and other wise.

  • Too much Pressure. Have you been able to be under pressure while your Boss persuades you over something? Pressure make one to look so stupid before everyone. The Bosses cares not if he is wrong, and staff feel too bad on this.
  • Suspension of salary. Salary is the last hope of worker’s suffering, after what he must have passing through., but at the end the salary will be suspended till further notice. When he asked why his salary has not been paid? Until I recovered all my money owed by customers. This is the only answer he will get from the Boss.
  • Over labor. Some of the Bosses always have the intention to over work or  over labor a staff under him in the name of work over, inorder to gain more profit than ever. Staff suffered a lot without complain but die in side.
  • Denial of leaves. After staff most have been over labor or worked he/she would be not be granted leave have little rest. Meanwhile, the staff have no chance again to do their domestic works. Some can no longer take care of their children/child, some have denied their children the right of having a mother or father.
  • Denial of leasing out fund to the staff. Problems around every where, staff are been denied the right from having a sum of money to solve their problems from the Boss.
  • Denial of staff wafer. It’s an offense from the Boss if he Denys wafer to his staff. Nowadays, staff are expected to serve their stomach from their little salary, likewise his transport, so tell me, how much is their survival?

In all, staff pass through hell if they can open up to the public on what they are passing through from Bosses.

It’s obvious that almost every staff  have the same idea of quiting their Jobs and start their personal business.


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