How Men Distinguished Between The Marrying Type And Away lady.

To discover this is simple, when a guy walks up to you for a better discussion, he is after your response and your actions. It’s you the woman will give him what he wants. *Hate the game don’t hate the player*  when he comes for you, he observers if you can easily give in, then conversation goes on—if you easily track down and give out number even before he asks for it, you don’t command respect, you easily laugh over things without controlling yourself even over things that are not funny, you laugh as if you’re in a clubroom. He will be counting his points for you. He will know that you are not the marrying type—maybe you’re the club type. The kind of ladies that can be easily carried away with drinks and club fun—he will know exactly the type of lady you’re through you behavior, the way you talk, the you handle questions, the way you catch fun….a all these things counts

But if he walks up to you, call you names, admire your beauty to know if you can fall in. But you Pretend as you’re not the one of cause, you claim not to be the one he is taking to—he will come closer and be serious. You know that you have to show some respect to him and some seriousness in you because you need….*you know what I mean nna* by giving him attention to him—so that you don’t fool him. When you cut in, the conversation flows on—remember he is picking his points on you. You were not easily cut in with the conversation earlier, which he knows, you give conditions and you command respects not even demand for it. You make decisions, you refuse to lease out your line to him at first time he demands for it. He picks his points and knows that you can really care for a husband, you can protect him and command children. Then after that, he will not even hesitate to follow you—because you are the type of lady he needs, he will make his possible best to have you as his wife. Remember men only regard the lady that gives tough time to get—they can not mess away with you because he sacrificed a lot to have you. Even if you mess up, he will endure it because you’re treasure a to him. But you must be loyal to him—even though you have noticed that he loves you more than his mother…

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