What Does Men Really Want from Ladies

Is true that men are simple in nature. Men truly value their needs over ladies, it’s natural over men. Men don’t hesitate to move for what they see to be good to him, he’s capable to offer any thing to get what he wants, this is the natural part of man. When a man sees a beautiful lady that he likes, there’s no case file than to go over her, that’s short and simple.

What does he come for? He comes to know what it costs to sleep with you —simple, he doesn’t care who you are, where you come from, if you are a Christian or Muslim —he don’t care. He wouldn’t mind if you’re a pagan. He doesn’t care to tell much story about you, your family, your siblings or your parents— than to find what it takes to have you on bed.

Men only come for sex—no other thing. Hence the lady is willing to tell the guy that she has rules before a man sleeps with her. The guy will looks so crazy, but he will try his very best. I mean he will be desperate  to know your rules. If your rules are cheap—he will provide them to you but if you list responsible rules for him he will find his way out of you. If you have a rule of #20000 he is ready to get it for you or if you tell him that you’re simple, he gets you—your wants and have you on bed. That’s just simple. But if you prove to be smart and responsible—tell him if he’s really ready to care for you, willing to be around when ever you need him, willing to call often to know how you feel, willing to take you around or thereabout. He must know that you don’t come for play, you mean a true relationship. The guy will run away from you and know that you are really expensive to him if he cannot meet up with your demands.

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