Every Woman Deserves The Best Of The Bests.

Do you know that you have to put an extra effort to make sure that your woman is happy almost all the time. Every woman deserves the best but I don’t know if your own is included. I don’t know how many guys that treat their woman splendid, a woman should feel much more than better when his guy stays always around her, being romantic to her, a guy that’s gallant, brave, consoling, a guy who always backup even though her girl is at fault he doesn’t care, a guy who always bring all he has to her lady, a guy who doesn’t pay visit without a concrete gift, a guy who always play around with her lady and moves around with her. These are not all the ladies need, they deserve more than this.

There are more three things which a man who so much love her lady offers that’s special, to prove that his love for her lady must be a perfect one and these three things qualifies his love real for her lady. When a guy is dating you and he has not been able to profess you to his friends, his parents,  his colleagues at his working place, his relations. It Means that he has no plans for you, he just gonna play you and takes off his hands out of you. Apart from the above love and care I mentioned, those ones are primary love which may not be necessarily matter but the main matter are these three things now. When a guy has not claimed you before his parents, friends, closest friends, taken you home before, declared that you are for him and him alone, telling people that this is the one he has been talking about since, publicly announce you as his future wife…if he hasn’t done all this, he is playing you. I tell you the truth. Protection after he must have profess to you, the next thing is to protect you from any danger at anytime, he would make sure that you are save under his care and control, he would be able to surrender himself to whatever that is beyond him threatening your life, he will submit his own life before your own, he will make sure that he died before you. He will defend you at all cost, he must put to judgement over anyone that dares you. If he doesn’t do this please find your way out. Provision the lovely man you have been dieing for—after he must have been able to profess, protect the next thing he is gonna do is to provide for you, he would not allow you to beg for anything or lack anything, he would make sure that stand by your side in the time of needy— his is there to provide for you, he would go out for work and come back with all the money he worked for throughout the day and present it to you, he will make sure that you are happy all the rest of your life staying with him, because of you, he will not engage in any means of gambling or spend night outside without you, he must definitely come back home even if it is late hour to make sure that he sleeps with her lady. Truly, responsible ladies deserves the best ever. Aim your own view over this. Make Her Comfortable With A Nice House

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