Three Things Every Man Is After.

The important three things that moves man in which without them a man would be denied or disqualify to be man. Men have different mindset and everyone is moved with the one he deserves best for him. Is either a man is moved with a positive mindset or negative mindset, but I only focus on the positive mindset of everyman. A man is incomplete if he has not been able to have his title, occupation and how much you makes a day. These are the three things that brought man to the glory of man.

Actually, a man will not be happy until he finds his title—your title is who you are, your occupation is what you are and your handsomeness is how much you makes a day. And are the three things that exactly moves Men.  When you have not been able to arrange yourself to have these things, you will be belittled by people around you. Been a supervisor, Bank manager, A CEO of a company, A comedian or An architect  are titles, this makes you who you are and what you do then how much you earn each day and these have made you a complete man.

Meanwhile, every man is after this, and if you have not gotten them, your manhood is on suspension. Men have different mindset with women, a woman is after staying together with a man she loves but a man would like to see his stands before anything else. Women believe that hence you love me, we can make-up a family together. Then let’s build up a family before it gets late—this is a woman motive only. But they don’t care if you have what it takes to care for them as you have made up of family or what it takes to protect them, these things are out of their purpose. But when a man gets his mindset, he will now talk about other additional things like settling down with someone he will call a wife. And men knows very much that all is not complete without women and a woman servers as a motivator to a man. Without women, men cannot stand for hardworking to boost before their girlfriends. It’s when only man is motivated by some lady out there, that’s when he would be the best of himself for hard work and defend his manhood.

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