People Often Ask Who Is A True Hero

Meeting up with your race mate, beat them and conquer them all. Putting yourself in a position with your own personal struggling.

It’s unarguable that in the society there are people  who have no support at all ramifications, there are people who suffers a lot at least they have one meal for the whole day, these people believe that there is nothing left for them by their parents and know that their survival is only but in their own hands. Surely, they’re seems to be miserable by people around them and people have concluded  that these people’s hope is gone forever therefore they can never survive—as a Hero you stand up on your fit, stand stronger and prove to them that they are not your God. You go out there, a place where you have no friends, you take the necessary risk and make sacrifices with your life to make sure that you prove to the public that you gonna be better than they think of you. You take the risk, you sacrifice your life in the jungle, sleep outside the house for making sure that all is well, people may not know if you slept outside the house for yea. At the end of all tribulations, you come back home with wealth and surprise those people who never believed that you will turn to live again. You prove to them that God has blessed you beyond their expectations and you have shown them that you are the True Hero —therefore no one can stop you. A true Hero is also one who went to war, whom people never believed that he would come back home a life but after the war he come back home a life without those expected that would make it a life. If Only you survive the war and come back home a life. You’re a True Hero.

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