Going for growth Is Universal desire

Everyone desires to grow but don’t want to remain stagnancy therefore the necessity of growth is certainty for anyone who desires to grow and it must be acknowledged. Growth is certainty for whatever you are doing in life, whether you are doing business or whatever you engage on—your number one purpose is to have a shift from the line but not backwards. I don’t know what you are doing, whether you have planned the way forward or not, when a man refuse to plan forward, automatically he is available for backward. I believe that majority have been pushing harder going for growth and you must not forget that it’s a competition which everyone partake on, as you’re pushing—another person is at the other side pushing his/her own. Remember being productive is when you push continually with all your efforts and time. I believe that growth is a universal desire and it requires a team work.., I mean, everyone needs it, every country desires it and so on.

I had a friend who started a business and gradually the business was growing but there was a stage he got, he said to me…I want my business to grow nation wide. I replied to him, it’s your desire for your business to grow nation wide and you can achieve it. Your desire is a universal desire, therefore everyone desires the same—so work hard and put efforts you must attain to that level. That’s what I told him. I believe that you are interested to make sure that your business progresses, now these are what you will do to attain to that universal desire.

Create something. To start with, you must create something. Provide yourself with occupation and make sure that it’s registered under a trademarks, (I mean the one that needs to be registered). Because you have to lay your hands on something before you think of going for growth. And if you have a business already, move for a team work because it’s more productive but you must push harder and put more efforts. your hardwork counts than any other thing and the next is to have a spiritual director. Remember that the spiritual controls the physical. After this you will experience a thunderous and explosive growth.

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