The Likeness Of Money

You determine how money moves you. Or you will be submissive to money

M.O.N.E.Y this means M= Many people will look/surfer for me. O= On me many people will depend on. N= No one will be comfortable without me. E= Everyone shall be restless until they find me. Y= You are mine and mine forever.

Perhaps, it keeps happening like this. However, people dig hardly to meet their targets when it comes to money. There was a lady who was influenced by her Boss because of his money but she never knew that her Boss loves her too but the Boss has rules which anyone that intends to date with him must follow. Her Boss started dating her. Later, he bought a new car for her Audi TT precisely. Often he rides the lady with his private jet, after her graduations, he offered the lady a wonderful job indeed and frequently, taken the lady to buy clothes. As in,  he was showing the lady how much he loves her— and other things. Afterwards, he told the lady that he never played Love with any woman before except her and she was glad when she heard that. Meanwhile, the man has a play room where he torture or punish anyone who failed his love rules when playing love inside the room, which he showed the lady and she accepted hence she has been working and moving hand in hand with the Boss, so there’s nothing to be afraid of again., however, the lady has fallen in love with him and she always play Love with him thereby keeping herself in a deep agony and pains whenever playing love with her. The lady never enjoyed money again but suffers a lot whenever she’s playing game with her Boss. She endured all she passed through but all of that were text to her so that she would be submissive to the Boss and which she was.

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