Tell Me Your Secret

Success is the greatest compliment anyone can acquire, It is said to be universal desire which everyone deserves to have. Tell me your secret of success and I will take precautions. This is all about togetherness and team work. The biggest thing that can thrive humanity and environment is secret share and the worst thing that can happen to the society to be successful is to hinder secret to unveil. The secret of success is unveiling your secret to one another. I still doubt this saying that I am greater than my friends because of what I know which they don’t know. Yes this may be true but remember that peace, harmony and success will not strive for the betterment of the common good and society. The world is growing day by day because of a secret shared, however, the benefits we have been enjoying on daily basis would have not been inexistence today if  at all the scientist had decided to hide their own secret and keep it by themselves, there would have been an adamant in development today.

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