Good Deeds Never Die

The universe is too small but it has no end, when I realized that there is nothing in this universe life becomes so bullring to me. I come to realize that what ever we did shall come back to us. This made the universe too small but never ends, good things last to decades, no matter how it seems to turn out, you must meet what you did which never arrive to your memories again, but you will be reminded it for, when the time comes. Good Things never die.

Do you not know that good deeds beget another, when I realized that I can no longer continue to do things on like before, I had to metamorphos.

When you get to realize that there is extreme nothing in this world, you will definitely change your life style which will allow good deeds to beget another. The world is a small place to live, what you did might turn back to happen to you or your children. Nobody can tell, where you will see yourself tomorrow, maybe it was the man or woman you did good to.

Lets not be thinking the way we do, because the world is a small place for us.

I sincerely appreciate people who sacrificed themselves to make sure that things are corrected, those that unveil secrets to one another to make sure that things get better. When I come to realize that the world doesn’t pay you for what you know but for what you do, I brought it to people who do not know that good things never dies, what you do is what will be used to pay back for you as your reward.

I never knew that good deeds pays, I only observed when it is use in sentence making until I got to an extent that contributed to my worldly experience, when someone I contributed to his life become relevant in life, he recognises what I did for him with a tangible gifts to me. I could not believe that, I said all these for me? He replied to me that good things never die. It lives to decades for children—children to also testify on to it. The world is a small place to live. I believe in this same way,  things can be done right to provide to yourself that what pays you is not what you know but what you do for humanity.

I believe that we still have some people in the midst that never believe that good deeds pays inturn to what you did to another. Moreover, good deeds never die it lives for children-children and it unveil you the secret of success and happiness. Good deeds however create ways to secure what you never expect in your life. Please I  sincerely urge my fellow beings to adhere on good deeds it pays.

What so ever we gained in this world will ever remain in this same world while we die leaving them behind but your good deeds create an unforgettable memories of you, to people who live to hear it.

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