Be The Change You Wish To See In The World

Having the power to lead others does not mean that you are above all, being a good leader mean that you were a good follower, and a good follower  is  one that is submissive to rule of law and abide by the rules that guide from misconduct. The change you wise to in the world must begin from you and thereafter escalate to the world; It’s obvious that majority seek for change but refuse to change by themselves. Every desirable change starts from home to else where, I could remember when I motivated people to begin to shout for change but I was cautioned by an elderly man who asked  me that Don’t you know that change begins with you. I said how, what do you mean? H e said to me, what change have you made so far, before you start what ever you want to start you should make sure that the change begins from your side. But I could not do any other thing than to discards the people to go back to their various home.

Do you know that when you change things around you will definitely change automatically,  The President of Nigerian said that “change begin with me”. But mainly when you look at it, it’s quite sensible, some of us today needs change without asking ourselves have I changed for good? Being the change we wish to see in the world is when you and I change for good, transfigure from being an embezzler, change from accumulating public funds as if it’s your own personal property, change from the way you think, change from betraying you own friends over vanity things.

 Let your good deeds be greater than your bad deed., If you’re a President, please lead well, If you’re a governor please govern well, let those you are governing and leading tell themselves that you are indeed a good president or a good governor as well. Do not lead or govern people with greediness or embezzle all the public funds as your own personal property. Let your good deeds prevail and speak for you. You don not need to speak for yourself but what you have done will speak for you and defend you even when you are not there with them. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Change begins with you and I.   

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