There Is No Home Any Where In This World That Is Perfect.

there is no home any where in this world that is perfect. I have made some research to see if there is  perfect home in the universe  but there is non. In the wold today, many home have being facing a lot of challenges in may cases. it’s obvious today that the majority of men have being contributing to imperfect of their families. Nowadays, families passes a lot of miseries due to both lack understanding.

The family surfer a lot of set back when there is no understanding in the family, one certain time I came across a question that attracted my attention. This question was what would you do, when your wife refuse to offer you sex when you are in need of it? actually, she has never done it before by denying you sex.  So as the man, What would you do if you happens to be the man  that was denied having pleasure at that moment.

Familiesare facing issue that matters a lot. these challenges are

  • Marital issue, the case whereby the wife found the habit of sex denial to the husband. T his create room for the the man to have the urge to sleep out side and neglect his family responsibilities and abandon the wife and have sex partner outside. One of the main thing that brings family together is the wife to be submissive to the husband by sex. To drag the attention of the man of the family to be loyalty when he ask for sex but not demand of sex. When he demands sex, it means that he will be forcing the wife over sex.  
  • Financial crises, has been causing devastation to the family. this happened when the wife agreed to marry the man because of money. this simply means that, if the man eventually run out cash, the wife may stop loving him as her husband. When a woman love a man because of his money automatically,  the woman will find her way out if the man goes dry. The foundation of  Marriage should not be laid on money but on a strong love. When a man and woman come together for their natural love over one another, their family will last more than people’s expectations. Therefore, anyone loving, should not emphasize it on the man’s/woman’s wealth but on the natural love or affection she/he has over the person. 
  • Educational issue, this has to be academically inclined, When issues arise head, their would be a common understanding between both. Education, has a lot to offer in marriage,. When both understands one another, there would be no cause for alarm. In some cases, the man use the superiority power of being the head to over the wife, cause a lot of deserter in the family. My Mother told me that she can stay and live with anybody in this world as long as she masters the lifestyle of her partner. that, there is nothing that can bring any asunder between them. that, she mastered your life and she will keep your life for you a lone. Any family that wants last and prosper in marriage hood should learn how to keep the lifestyle of their partner. This is the secret of long lasting marriage

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