Being Selfless In Service.

Overcoming selfish interest in service, is being Selfless In Service. It’s obvious that many have eaten  bone round on their neck in the name of selfish interest, many have taken the opportunity to serve the public to their personal interest in regardless of the purpose of being a public servant.

I personally believe that what comes around goes around, this is certain, on that same way you embezzle public funds on greediness, it would be spent on the same way. I did not say so but it’s nature. I have witness many servants, that are Selfless In Service, they forget about themselves and focus straight forwardly on what brought them to service. Forgetting about your own interests, disowning yourself in service, caring for the people in needy, giving arms to the poor, forgetting about buying or building a hundred bullion dollars mansion or buying a new private jet,  is playing part of Selfless in service.

When you play role of being Selfless In what you do, you will aim reward of unforgettable memory in the life of the masses.

I have been on several occasions, when men of God sacrifice a lot on putting smiles on faces of the masses, sending people to school, starting business to people, building houses to people, giving jobs to people, rendering hope to the hopeless. These people gives all they have to the needy, this is typical example of Selfless in service, they forget about themselves and provide for they people in needy, they make sure that they are accountable for all they did in all ramifications.

These men of God get richer in return of what people return to them in the name of Thanksgiving, This is also applicable to individuals who provide to the needy in all ramifications, they will also come back for you, when they finally survive. Good deeds never die but live for decades…

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