You’ve Changed

Having married and become a happily married woman with your husband, as time goes on you find out that things are changing day by day and this is not giving you happiness, you could no longer talk to your husband as you used before, him too also finding it difficult to associate with you anymore, you no longer sleep in the same bed with him and he is not complaining about that, it seems that he is no longer caring for you again, the things he used to do for you, he’s no longer doing them and this is not a play any longer.

Remember that what you fail to give your man, he knows very well that there’s a place he can go get it as much as possible, right! When you fail to satisfy your man with what he deserves from you, there are many places he can go an get them in fullness. Meanwhile, these things he used to do for you that he’s no longer doing, he will be doing those things to the new Lady he found for himself. And those things you fail to give him in fullness, the new founded woman will be doing it for him. This is just simple.

How could you changed?, from living happily with your husband, when he feel like having cookies (sex) from you, you will deny him having it, how do you think that he will feel? The most painful of this, is that you have formed the habit of it.

Do you know that, what keeps relationship so stronger are eating together, talking together, sleeping in the same bed, solving issues together, having cookies (sex) as well and so on. When you fail to do these things you will misunderstand each other, that’s just simple.

What will happen when you stop eating in the same plate with your man, talking with your man, stop giving him information when he comes back from work, stop solving problems with him and when you denied him cookies, how would he feel? Right within him, he will tell himself that there’s another man sharing the same Porter with him and hence he has this thought inside of him, he will start acting. It’s now left for you to prove to him that what he thought is not true, by changing to formal.

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