Three Things To Do To Make A Difference

It has been a problem holding us captive ever, but it has been proven that a captive shall be free.

The three things to do to make a difference are

  • Time:, being able to keep time is the key to achieve almost everything you wanna achieve. Have you been cage up with time before? Like, when you are told that the time to assemble at the government House is by 4:00, firstly, you will be anxious to know if it’s 4:00pm or 4:00am. How fast would you be, inorder to be the first person to be there? Of course, you will be under pressure to meet up with the time. This is how it is, when you do not give yourself time for a set up plan, you will hardly meet up with it, if you forget to anchor with time.
  • Determination:, proven whom you are is on determination, when you are determined to get a job. No matter how much they frustrate you, you keep the journey on going. Being a failure is when you fail and admit the fact that you have failed, but when you fail and you refuse to be a failure and be determined by telling yourself that a downfall of man is never the end of him. When you want it badly, you doubled your efforts hundred times to get it badly.
  • Team fortress: this is a stronghold you must build to get things done early, this also serves as your security. Believe me, even though you keep time for yourself, you may easily forget about it but when you have a partner, he/she will remind you about it and help you to overcom the set backs. When you have a team, you almost have everything. The work will be done so easily, you will be able to work more than a thousand hours a day.

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