Don’t Do Things Because People Are Doing It

It has often observed that people do things because they see others doing it. I have this to encourage anyone who desires to get things done right. I have been able to be different, not because I am perfect but because I chose to set up my own rules and policies of achieving a target.

Today, many fall into victim of starting a project without being able to finish it up, this is because you do not follow your mind set but you follow the way people did their own.

Do not do things because you see people doing it, to make sure that you are on the right track, make sure that you have principle guiding you.

Many of us do not know that each an every person has a spiritual guidance who guides you in anything you’re doing. You may follow people up to do what they did at the end you see yourself unsuccessful over that. This is because your spirits that guides you did not approve you doing that.

Often we see people stealing, doing ritual and they are surviving it, playing gambling and winning it, getting friends online that change their lives and so on. But when you try to get the same thing these people are getting, you see yourself unsuccessful over that. In other words, you must know things that work for you and do them, when you do them, you will thrive on it.

Don’t steal because your friend did it and succeed, it may not work for you. Don’t play gambling because your friend did it and start riding brown new vehicle, if you do it, you may end up in selling all your property and at the same time you owe people which you must pay them, at the end you lose everything. Or you join Yahoo-yahoo guys because your friends had succeeded through it, please don’t do it, it may not work for you.

Please there is only one way to success, which is following your mind on a positive minded set and taking precautions. Success is hard to attain to, and there is no short cuts for it. It takes time and endurance.

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