Why You Must Not Re-act Negatively On Things That Happen Around You.

How would you feel when you see your running mate succeed before you?

The human nature approves you to react over things that happen around you. The nature hold you to criticize or appreciate when you must have seen that your running mate have succeeded, definitely you must do something over it.

But nature also lets us know that, there’s a time for everything and there’s a specified time for you and your blessings to manifest itself to you. You have your own blessings when it’s time for it. Some of us today, predominantly, ladies sees themselves differently when their running mate or friends get married before them. They seem to be different from others they think maybe God is not on their side. But it’s not true, God does things in accordance, you have your own tax, test or burden. Maybe your friend you are better than, get married to a wealthy man just like that. You can’t kill yourself, that’s how nature wants it to be.

But have the belief that your own time will never pass you by, your own testimony will definitely keep you smiling everyday. Be yourself, keep hope and fall not into victim, because things that happen around you, that what nature hold for you, but have hope that your future holds some splendid for you. Everything happen on its stipulated time, believe on your behalf and one fateful day like that, you will have an unlimited blessings to count. This is also applicable to men.

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