My Life Change When I Believe That I Can Do It

My Life Change When I Believe That I Can Do It.

It isn’t easy to believe and it is difficult to be convinced. Anyone that can change your lifestyle by any means, that person is a practitioner. Not everyone is giving the talent to do so.

I had no hope, I was dejected but it wasn’t easy for me to even go to school. I summon courage, to be what I wanted to be only I believe to do.

I believe that everyone can survive at any cost, if I can survive my own life. I believe that no one is an island, you give yourself courage when there’s no one to do it for you. The best thought ever, is the thought one thought to oneself. It’s the only thought that change your mind and life. Nothing is lost when money is lost, but all are lost when life or character is lost.

Turn off the negative part of you and on the positive part. I determined to change, when I had story of Pastor David Ibiyomie, and that of Rv.Nbaka Ejike.

I got to a stage, when I was told that there was no money to send me to school, and nothing was done about my education. But I changed the negative story to positive, I sent myself to school.

You determine what happens to you when you believe. Be determined to change your story, no one is ready to hear that you need help, but all will gather together to celebrate you after all the misery you passed through. You’re the architect of your glory. No one is ready to hear your voice, but you made your voice heard by force.

Go to the public by yourself, tell them about yourself, raise a topic by yourself and discuss the topic by yourself and yourself alone put your name to the history book. People seek for you and speak about you in the same public you put yourself.

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