How To Keep A Long Lasting Relationship

How to make your relationship last longer

To keep a long lasting relationship is not that easy as people think of it. Relationship is what determines how the future will be. I often see relationship as what brings two persons together, in other words, it is like an egg which demands carefulness for it to last longer.

What brings about the long lasting in relationship is how careful you maintain it.

The main key point of long lasting in relationship is communication. When communication in any relationship stops , the relationship dies. Congratulations is the strongest hold of relationship. When you keep in touch calling and talking often the relationship gain ground and stand firm.

Play games with your partner, this is another part that reduces inferiority between each other. Playing games helps relationship grows wilder and bigger and help us to keep memories of what happened. Even though, you have make up your mind to leave your partner, those memories would not allow you to take a negative action that may bring division.

Make sure that you are honest and sincere to each other, being honest and sincere is another key to hold your relationship strong. Prove to your partner that you have no secret hidden from him or her. Prove to him that you are plane and upright in the relationship between you and him.

Do not Denny your partner access to your privacy.

Play love with him, make sure that you play love because if you fail to play love , the joy of having you will disappear and will no longer found in both.

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