The Bitterness Of poverty To Mankind

The bitterness of poverty

It’s true that poverty has never been anyone’s friend and will never be. Poverty has the capacity to destroy your beauty and render you hopeless. The first time one experiences poverty will be the first time for him to be rejected by his most closet friends in life. It’s obvious, that the worst thing one can experience in life is when you experience or smell poverty. The glory of man lies on escaping poverty and thrive in life. The bitterness of poverty makes you feel too inferior to have access to get what you want.

Having said this, the worst part of poverty is when you are rejected by your friends and colleagues who should be in the position of consoling you.

Poverty reduces your life to the lowest quality, in such a way that you will not have choice for anything at all.

Poverty causes premature end of humam’s life.  Poverty Is a disease, let’s say no to it.

Poverty caused  one man ate his children’s mile. After he finds something to eat but could not find, he had to eat his children’s mile.

Poverty Is capable of bringing one to his knees before his enemies to beg for food. This is the worst bitterness poverty can render to man.

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