7 Ways To Remain Unproductive, But You Can Overcome Them

It’s gathered that 75% of us live without being able to give good account of how they spent  their lives and time.

I was able to understand that life has two perspectives on how it maybe spent and it was discovered that, to spend life on things that have no meaning is very cheap and affordable to humanity. While, to acquire a meaningful thing that could make you escape poverty is quite difficult and expensive even if it is the least amount of money, you will find it difficult to get it.

  • Having fear to face challenges: it’s not a funny thing when it comes to life, we find it difficult to stand for challenge. I was the type that do hide behind when it comes to face a  challenge. But not knowing that, facing challenge is equivalent of facing the reality of my life. When a challenge is being confronted, you will be able to know what you are capable of doing.
  • Sleeping too heavily: this is trying to become a very bad omen to some people. Over 85% of poor people sleeps too heavily and sleep take their advantage to render them more poor. Some of us can be carried away by sleeping too much. Sleeping has eating up our potential and all we can acknowledge is nothing but only sleeping. Do you know that, an  architect does all his work during night and they don’t sleep during when sleep happens to mean the best to human. It’s only at mid night that all their beautiful begins in world are designated to be carried out. The more you sleep too much, the more you miss chances and opportunities.
  • Missing an opportunity because it involves risks: like I have said earlier before now, life without risk must be adamant and remain poor. Taking risks involved bold steps taken to thrive. Risk-taker are not gamblers , they believe on taken expensive measurable bold steps to trap opportunity down to their foot. Risk-taker remain richer forever. Opportunitiesl never cross them by, they will likely to trap all that come across their way.
  • Being addictive to Alcohol: it’s true that life is like a computer machine, what you give in, will be given out exactly back to you. That’s garbage in—garbage out. I highly believe that alcohol is 90% destructive to human health. Which renders human being useless and cost harm in career life.
  • Eating too much : eating too much has never been a lifestyle to anyone who intend to be productive. I have been in the shoe before, when I eat beyond recognition, all I could do was to sleep and waking up anytime I feel like. I found that, it makes me being too lazy and always tired even to the things I used to do without cost of alarm, I find them difficult to do.
  • Standing alone/ working alone: having said that standing alone or working alone yield no results, and if it yields at all it will be insufficient which will make you unable to do exploits. It’s recorded that people who choose to stand alone also die alone and their problems conquer them because they think that they succeed alone. On one on planet earth succeed alone. Successful is quite different from surviving.
  • Producing so many kids while poor: it is unfortunate that 75% of people who are poor,  create another room for abject poverty to rule their family. It is not wise enough when children suffer setback in life. Give birth to the number of kids you can take care of, than to bring them out on earth without befitting training.

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