10 Principles You Need To Apply If You Want Your Children To Be Productive.

When you mean to have your children to be productive, you must follow up these ten principles to get them trained and become productive.

Do not depend only on formal education to train them: it is true that education is the key but we have to be rational on getting them trained. As a parent, you must have plan A and B respectively if  you actually want your child be productive. if he isn’t good in formal education you should try the other way around, he maybe good at that side. Please don’t force or persuades them to submit to the wrong choice which they never choose for themselves.

Do not be the only one to train them: some times, parents make mistakes by being the only persons involved in training their children. Sometimes they said that they don’t want external hand to take part on raising their children, which is bad. When a child is tested with different hands on raising him, he will be wiser and brave and will never remain the same.

Do not fully give them access to your investment:  it is obvious that some fathers contribute on making their sons and daughters whom they are negatively.  Imagine when A father leaves his son huge amount of money for nourishment only. Do you not know that when he did not see such amount of money again he will likely to come against the father?

Do not suggest to them their field of career ( allow them to make choices for their field of career) l believe on giving the child the full obligation to make a perfect choice for herself on which field she found interest on. this gives them more courage to move on with that field they have chosen for themselves. They participate with all pleasure and enthusiasm.

Reduced the rate of much spending them: A lot of damages are made by parents, some times they dance to the tune of their children, when a child will say ( I need this and that and they will do exactly as he said)  making the child to cost unnecessary expenes without any good reason for it. Gather mind and act negatively on his request, he will not die for Chris sake.

Maintain the quality and level of closeness with them ( be the exact mother or father for them) Some parents do not make out time to chat and talk with their children. Some of them find it difficult to know exactly what their children lack for. Some do not give attention at all. By so doing, your children will have a wish of having a good parents who cares.

Allow them to have the feeling of being poor: it is a good one to reduce your children at least to know what the world is like. Sometimes, children of the poor people survive and thrive than the children of wealthy people, why is because the poor child understands the world pattern of survival which no one thought him or her. so when it comes to survival of the fittest, the poor child must struggle on its own to thrive.

Show them little bitterness ( be sure that you mean to train them with quality) don’t laugh over things that should be taken serious: A child will never knew when the parents mean deal until they show the level of seriousness on their faces. If parents continue to be laughing over things that should be taken serious on, the children will always take their serious warning for granted.

The glory of your children stands– out when you back up their great ideas with actions by supporting them with anything you have: we still have great dad and mom., I believe that their are parents that make will sure that they deny themselves new material inorder to make sure that their children achieve their goals. Good mothers and fathers, the sky Is always your limit when your children finally become productive.

Too much pleasure must be eradicated: according to the scripture, it says that too much pleasure makes one lose control of oneself which will finally put one in problem and he may not escape it. Pleasurable liberty must be reduced but must not be denied.

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