Your Jungle Is Your Struggle (Street)

People often asked this question, ” does Street pay ? ”

And my answer to this question is ” yes Street pays”

Young youths have been able to do exploits today because they discovered that there are Treasures in the jungle ( Street).

Jungle is a place where nobody knows who you are,
Where anyone can go and do exploits but if only you are determined to do exploits.

I have no doubt today, that anyone can survive in a jungle.

A jungle is a place where nobody cares for you, you only care for yourself.

It’s a place where anything can happen anytime any day, both good or bad in the name of your survival.

Jungle could be anything you are doing for your survival.
Like education, servant, working different kinds of work, stealing or rubbery, Street selling, prostitutions etc.

Be careful on any of these you engaged in.
Change, deviate or metamorphos from those ones that will give you bad reputation.
Because your dignity and identity is your good reputation you created for yourself

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