You Can Escape Poverty

I believe that many people have been trying to escape poverty.

But I have this to share with friends, who are trying and desperate to escape from the power of poverty.

Poverty Is one of the biggest problem riding young youths in the community.

I have the tips that can help us to escape poverty and it’s tributaries.

If you’re desperate to over ride poverty, then detach yourself from eating too much,

Find good friends for yourself, deviate from those friends who sometimes discourage you from whatever you do to survive.

Always attached yourself with people who encouraged you to work hard and keep hope.

Be selective on what to do, do not do everything that comes to your mind.

Always work with your superego, The mind that tells you what’s good and bad.

Be appreciative to people who do good to you.

Appreciation open doors of blessings and persuade people to do more good for you.

Be yourself and never mind people who says, you are wasting your time by doing what so ever you doing. I mean what you do to survive and thrive in life

Make sure that you have something doing, do not stay without working because the scripture says that God must bless the work of your hands.
This is the promise from the Lard.

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