Why Do We Tag Wherever that Happened “Computer Age” Over Children

The most painful part of this life is that,
whatever that happens within the range of children that’s not generally acceptable, they tag it computer age.

This is generally unacceptable by me but I don’t know about you and your family.

It’s quite unfortunate that children nowadays do things contrary to the law of ethics.

In other words, children don’t listen to the voice of their parents any longer.

They always oppose their parents even when it’s not necessary but we tagged it computer age, which is abnormal to ethical code.

It’s unarguable that parents nowadays, do things that pleases their children without caring for the outcome of its cause.

Moreover, the power of children towards their parents is getting out of hand,

children nowadays control their parents and persuade their them to believe on what they believed in.

We all must have this belief that, parents obligation is ineradicable over their children,

but some parents abuse these obligations by pleasing their children and displease the ethical code.

In other words, this computer age that wants to bring ethics to be subject to immorality must be eliminated.

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