Never you blame your academic standards or qualification but blame yourself if you may fail.

It’s unarguable that one may attend the highest institution in Nigeria and still remain available for failure.

I believed that no matter the level of your academic standards, you can still escape failure. It doesn’t matter the family background, your nomenclature or your status.

People fail in life because of how they planned their lives but not because of their academic qualification or standards.

It has been observed that many boost of the kind of institution they attended based on quality but afterwards, they can never stand and defend the certificate of their quality institution.

It has been often argued among dignitaries and scholars, that a child should not be accessed based on his/her certificate results but should be accessed based on interview question or oral question and other things being equal.

Thereby your academic status should not be subject to your failure. You failed not because of your academic background, your family status or the quality of education attended but because you failed to do what should be done as an individual.

In other words, one should not depend 100% on his certificate to be successful. i

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