Why people find it difficult to survive in society

                    The truth behind the power of nature over human binge

                    Nature can cheat man but man can’t cheat nature

                    In other words, man needs nature but nature needs nobody.

It’s obviously observed that in this world, people who often find life difficult to survive are those who decided to have their life the way nature keeps it for them.

 This people forgot that one can only survive with the nature. In human life, it’s obviously observed that human being needs nature but nature doesn’t need anybody.

 In this world at large check the some wealthy people in the universes how they survived life and became wealthy is because they strictly abide with the rules of nature. Despite nature rejected human,

 From the rules that abide human and the nature therefore they obey the law or the rules of nature. Remember that nature rejected human beings therefore human being should as well eject the laws that abide human and nature. But if human does that, things will destroy.

People often asked why is it that some set of people survive and become successful while some other people remain poor till the end of their lives.

The truth of the matter is that we human beings cannot cheat nature. Since nature needs no man, in that same way man needs no nature. But not at all, man must embrace nature to survive

Some people survive vividly because they prove to hold the laws of nature strictly and prove to nature that they need nature. While some remain in abject poverty because they disobeyed and do not listen to the voice of nature. That is, they do not abide with the rules and laws that relate human beings to nature.

                            Most people survive because they work contrary to the law that guides human         beings over nature.  

                            To prove that you hold the nature and wants to be successful in life,

You must follow these rules

                          You must abide by the law of nature.

  1. Accept the things that which fate binds you.
  2. If something is possible for any other man, it is also possible for you. Too
  3. To expect bad man not to do wrong Is absolute madness
  4. The best revenge to take in life is to become unlike your enemies
  5. When you stop talking, your sense of hearing hydrastis-cally improves.
  6. Words are opinions, not facts. Action is the best answer and the only truth of fact is action.
  7. If there is a god, then all is well. But if chance rule do not allow yourself to be governed by it.
  8. There is nothing that hinders you from doing what you must do.

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