Nature has it all to pay according to ones deeds.

People see things in different perspective; you may see things happening around you negative and you may decide to react negatively concerning what happened, because you have seen that people are purposely wicked.

But the biggest truth ever is that you should not react negative to negatives. Always believe that everything pays and everything counts as well. It’s true that people are very wicked and sometimes, good people in the midst try to turn to be wicked like those wicked people because they have been threatened to be wicked.

The most painful part of all is that the bad and wicked people in the midst seem not to change, because their wickedness has not been threatened equivalently to their detriments. Nature will do well to those who are good and nature will also know how to handle those who are wicked to mankind.

Never have you gone wrong because people pushed you to the wall, you can be pushed to, but one day shall come when you will be watching these wicked people dying to your close watch. Nature handles everything.

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