The only way we can get it right

Cracking the success code, the habit code, ethical standards and the moral code.

The kind of life you’re cruising or enjoying is based on your ethical standards or habit code, what ethical standards or habit code did you place yourself, what habit code rules your life?

We have never before choose where we want to end up with life, where we place our ethical standards or code and these determined the end of the game we play in life.

A professor of Stanford university BJ Fogg, he postulated what is called habit cycle. Which is popularly known as habit code today.

  1. Reminder: what triggers or what initiate the behaviour.
  2. The Routine: the behavior on its own or the action we take on what happens.
  3. Rewards: what benefits you gained on actions you take on your behaviour.

Now take a look at your life and actions of what you have done so far which have turned into habit. Used some ideas to diagnose some habit of yours. Maybe, you have been a child of success, obedient or you have been a child of failure for some times.

Maybe, you had suspected that habits are the key guard in deciding success or failure.

Main looking at the rate and the level of how many people are paying huge amount of time and money attending to seminars, training or listening to lectures, pastors or Reverends while preaching in the name of becoming successful when finished listening to these great men, now the habit code or ethical standards, the questions is, have these people for one faithful day try to put what they have been listening to, in action to see if there will be changes. But the answer is No! They only want quick fix  without the zeal to make practice and changes.

Remember that, it’s our habit which eventually becomes our talisman, so the first step into our journey of true transformation is to start making continuous checking of ethical standards and habit code of our lives.

By the special grace of God, all lost habit code that supposed to elevate your life to get whatever you wanted shall be recovered. But only by thoroughly checking of habits, acknowledge the errors and do the necessary amendments.

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