A renewed advice for youths under twenty five

  1. Mistakes always come and go, mistakes can be avoidable but it teaches a lot of things. When mistake is made, you learn a new thing.
  2. Never you judge your intentions for a new thing to do but always judge that your actions whenever you want to strike.
  3. Rely not on people to gain your happiness because people always disappoint when not expected.
  4. Always make move to chew more but before you bite, make sure you do not cross your boundaries. ( Bite less)
  5. Learning never stop, never stop learning, the knowledge you gain is yours and can never be negatively compromise. You stand firm today it’s because of the knowledge you gained yesteryears. Perhaps, knowledge is power and never a waste.
  6. Make perfect choice in marriage, marriage is never what you think. Marry someone you considered best friend to you for better understanding. Marriage could only last if there’s adequate understanding. Remember marriage is what it’s called but never what you think.
  7. Every adventures in life commence just by showing up, there has been sudden adventure before. Always think and act fast like a philosopher do conquer.
  8. Experiences should be valued more than possession, go after experience, you will learn a lot, mostly in the time of adversity, you will know how to manage. Possession dismantled what you could have known and make you a subject to ego.
  9. During the bad whether, remember to drive slow. During adversity, do not let your expenses go beyond your income. Be conscious this,
  10. Remember that you don’t have time, time always remain indispensable to man, if you want to get destroyed, put it behind. Money may come and go but time is always on the go.
  11. Drama is never what you put up with, because if you do, you may be seen as a joker all day long.
  12. Leave every work you have, on good terms. Always remember not to burn your bridge, because if there’s ever a workable good road, it would be passed on for the second time.
  13. See the world while you still don’t have a ton of responsibilities
  14. Never you live on the internet all day long, go out there and experience what life is all about. Living on the internet will make you lazy and make you more weaker.
  15. Never you have given up for what you want most for what you want now. Because that thing you want now last for a while but what you want most is what build you to a man.
  16. Let your appearance be lovely, dress to impress. Every good thing goes straight to the eyes before comments follow up.
  17. Getting a degree matters but getting the right degree matters even more, the right degree place you on top and decorates you.
  18. Discover hobbies you like most like three of them, one is to make money, the other one is to keep you in shape and the other one is to create your awareness to the public.

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