How to react to things that happens around you.

You have 100 % control of your actions, how you control your actions over things that happens around you saves you from danger.

You may have had an unfair past , but you don’t have to have unfair future. You may have gotten off to a rough start in life. Remember it matters not how life started, but there’s a lot of consciousness of how life ends up. You may be dodging to do tough things, but being addicted to tough things make you get toughen and prepares you for great achievement.

One has to acknowledge and understand that 10% of your life is decided by uncontrollable circumstances and 90% is decided by how you react to those things that happens around you. By not wasting more mental energy worrying about what should have happened or what might happen but you can put enough effort into making the right things happen to the best of your ability. Remember that it’s not everything that happens within your range can be controlled by you, but you have the absolute power to control how you react over things that happen around you, because how you react to things that happen around you settles everything and it changes everything that could have taken place and save you as well.

Great actions should be taken to things that happens around you, actions you know that will invoke great positive results to you, should be taken.

We should have to react immensely to positive things that happen around us which we truly understand that will result good or make great contributions to our lives.

But on the other hand, we have to take absolute measures to happening things on us to avoid over reactions, because actions taken to destroy something based on over reactions could definitely destroy human entity as well.

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