Be careful and judge with evidence

There were   couples, happily married and were barring for couple of years after their marriage. This couples had to buy a smart hot puppy and loved him as their own son. As time goes on, the puppy was adding, to the extent it becomes a big and become a beautiful dog, so the dog was pleased with the couple but on one occasion, the couple were attacked by high way rubbers, he was always faithful, wanted and defended it’s owner from danger but was unable to do so.

Meanwhile, after some years of being with the dog, that couple have their own Child after years, and after being addicted to the dog as son and after the dog must have known the kind of kindness the couple have been to him.,

The couple was happy of having a child and then reduce it’s love and kindness they have on the dog, the dog felt lonely, dejected and rejected and began to feel jealous of the baby.

In other words, the himself also reduce his own love and faithfulness to the owner as well after years of staying with the owner.

One faithful day, the baby was left sleeping by the parents in its cradle, what was the surprise of the couple when coming back and see the dog in a hallway with a bloody mouth, so the couple thought that the worst of all had happened, he drew up a weapon immediately he killed the dog without mercy, immediately, he moved into the baby’s room and later find a beheaded deathly cobra snake killed by the dog. The couple at the end, started mourning and crying that they have killed their faithful dog, which was a coma flag.

The thing is, how often have we condemn and misjudged people within our range and capacity without a proper information and investigation carrying out?

How do you feel and thought when you later find out that who you pronounced dead was innocent and don’t deserve to die?

It’s good and more better to acknowledge evidences and exercise adequate patient before pronouncement is carried out.

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