The Category of salary by different hotels in Nigeria.

It is very important to bring it to the notice of the public how hotels in Nigeria pay salaries in category.

Many people in different parts of the world may have been deceived by different kinds of caliber in the name of telling false information concerning the salaries paid in different hotel system in Nigeria.

It has come to my notice that, people may have interest in working in different countries, but without accessing the salary draft of the hotel which they intend to work with.

Some may have called to come an work in some hotels situated in Los Angeles U.S.A without knowing the exact price of their salary.

Some internet fraudster may also bail you on how much they will pay you when you start working in a hotel which the will tell you, in the name of deceiving you to pay to them, for coming over to Los Angeles.

So therefore, it’s your responsibility to go to the internet and browse in any country of your choice, how salaries are being paid base on the Category and the nature and the standard of the hotel work.

Hotel departmen

  1. GM. General Manager= 150-200-300, 000
  2. F&B Manager=80-100-120,000
  3. Auditor=70-80,000
  4. Front Office Supervisor=50-60-70,000
  5. H.R.M =50-60-70,000
  6. Store Keeper =50-60,000
  7. Purchaser =50-65,000
  8. Account=45-50,000
  9. Head Chef =45-50,000
  10. Bar Supervisor= 40000
  11. Security Supervisor=25-35,000
  12. Receptionist=25-30,000
  13. House Keeping Supervisor=40000
  14. Maintainance Supervisor=40-45-50,000
  15. Other staff apart from the ones mentioned above earned =20-25,000

All in Naira. Nigeria currency

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