The criteria of fallen country

The risen and fallen of any nation lies on their youths; it’s very regretful to announce that nations have fallen. Yester years, efforts were made by our heroes/leaders in order to maintain an optimal level of greatness our nation and seek to better the lives of unborn children; these were done by the passion of love from our heroes passed, they did all they had to, in order to reduce hardship and unemployment and try their very best in poverty alleviation then. During 1970s and 1980s there were great and concrete changes on public projects and beneficial appointments were made by our selfless leaders which positioned our nation as one of the great notion then. Nowadays, look at what is happening in this very nation (Nigeria); however, any nation that posses these characteristics is a fallen nation

  1. High rate of unemployment

This is a situation where the citizen of a nation is highly educated; perhaps, has under gone the stages and processes of education, acquire/secure knowledge with a high qualification grade after graduation from school; perhaps (superb university). However the persona has made the necessary expenses during the process of schooling, but after all these, the persona appeared to be an unemployed youth (sad experience). However is very sad and unbearable to citizens who are passing this pain of unemployment. The greatness/survival of a nation lies on youths empowerment. Employment perception is up to 75% to the detriment to citizens.

2. Public fund embezzlement

This is a situation in a nation where an occupant of public office/organization has the negative zeal to get away with the fund that belongs to entire state/nation, having the fund as a personal/family fund. All day long, these are the news we often receive every morning from the public offices/representatives. This morning, you will not be surprise to see on news paper headline, that D.S.S is after the formal governor for #12.7 billion for public project unexecuted (everyday news).

3. Unable to deport snickers in the country

This is a situation where the security authorities lack the capacity to do/have thoroughly checkmate of illegal foreigners entering and deliver due judgments on them. However it’s very difficult to receive the information that illegal foreigners are brought to judgment (haven’t heard before). I wonder how everyone would be welcome in an independent nation like this.

4. Boarder exposure/porosity

This is a situation where an independent nation finds it difficult to tighten their boarder in order to have proper entering in the country. There is no doubt that every country’s problems comes after the over large rate of unemployment, followed by boarder porosity/exposure; this is because any entering in a country, is neither for good nor bad. Any nation that has good and last tightened boarders is mightier and great because no enemy can scare them.

5. Electric instability

This is a situation where an independent nation that maintained steady power supply for another country for 10 good years but finds it difficult to maintain self steady power supply at least just for 24hrs. However we know how difficult it is for a nation to survive without steady power supply; whereas the power of economic liberty lies on steady power supply. It’s truly observed that any nation that tends to economic liberation must not jeopardize with their power supply.

6. Health sector negligence   

This is a situation finds it difficult to equip the health sector with mechanical/technological apparatus (equipments) to enable special treatment in the nation. We often heard health is wealth, without health, wealth is void. It’s quit unfortunate to say this but it’s true that most times our leaders will leave Nigeria for London, America, Dubai and China for special treatment but leave the whole nation a savage poor health care. While, most of us die for inadequate health legal practitioners to take care of common citizens (lower class), some also die because of rampant of unprofessional legal tender (Doctors) in health sector. Lives waste unnecessarily over problems the nation worth more than.

7. Education sector negligence

This is a situation where a nation is unable to take appropriate care of education sector; the leaders are too delay/inquisitive if education sector needs attention or not. It’s regretful that education sector is on precarious position; which if time is not taken the sector will collapse. What could we tag a system of education which has no regards by the leaders in the nation? However, in my own nation, up to 70% of the sons/daughters of our leaders leaved Nigeria education for foreign nations like England, America and Dubai. The hope of quality education is almost gone. Life remains like being worthless for the common citizens. But who come for aids of common citizens.

8. Over dependence on foreign products

This is a situation where a nation finds it much more difficult to appreciate their local made products; however, have more confident on foreign product. A nation that has overall population of 100%, 10% of her citizens are young industrialists, 25% are importer, 55% are consumer on imported goods and 10% are local appreciate consumer. Here, it’s very obvious that almost all depend much on foreign made goods.

9. High cost of goods/services

This is a situation of nation where the price of common goods are very high an inaccessible by the common citizens; thereby causing lots hardship. However the highest poverty ever in the world is when the level of hunger in a nation is too rampant. A nation that has 65% of her citizens dying and lavishing because of hunger.    

10. Neighboring country over pampering

This is a situation where a nation finds it difficult to take actions or appropriate measures to confront surrounded nations who underrate or uses hate speeches on them. 

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