How industrial society robbed freedom from individual

The problem of man and the power behind industrial society or technological industrial society has subtly destroyed the human sphere silently in an atmosphere of business as usual. Herbert Marcuse”  

The right and liberty which originally belongs to individual as freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of enterprise, freedom of political opposition, and even freedom of conscience of the individual have been taken away by the industrial society. Free market economy was subtly subverted by big multinational companies.

The industries had taken over the market of human beings and took over marketing products such that the human means of livelihood was on the line. Human being is no longer free in economic subject. The industrial society through technological rationality has become a totalitarian system with the sole aim of subjecting and opposing/oppressing the human phase.

The political power rule by exercising power of the machine, controlling the economic processes of production and holding the intellectual rights of impression. In the political struggle, the individual opinion expressed through voting but does not matter.

Political power have a way side lining the voice of the masses at the polls by selecting their preferred candidates. In the political opposition cases, the individual has no right to gather without permission from the police. This permission however, will never be given and when the individual opposition insists and gathered, the group is dismissed through the use of force as life bullet or taigas. “If you cannot defeat somebody or be successful as they are, then it is more possible to join them in what they are doing and perhaps get some advantage for yourself by doing so. If you can’t beat them you join them”

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