The wolf of man is man

Man appeared to be the enemy of his fellow man. In state of nature, human being appeared to be free i.e. freedom is granted in fullness; but man appear to kill and eat his fellow man. In human relationship what exists is being-for and not being with. The look of the other is to reduce another person to shewa (nothingness) i.e. the other man is an enemy to be dreaded. The task of the other individual is to defend himself/herself from the other man “Jean Paul”

Moreover, in the midst of huge crowed where people are moving randomly without directions, you will observe that some persons will fall down where they will be matched by his fellow man to nothingness without mercy.

In the state of nature, all men were equal and has equal right; in the state of nature, each man has the equal chances of outwitting and undoing the other in order to posses all he/she needed in life and this is the right of all to all “Thomas Hobbes”

The survival of the fittest simply means that whatever that’s possible for any other man it is possible for you too.

The right of the strong to survive is the same right of the weak to survive too. The strong individual and best fitted can kill the weak ones and appreciate whatever that belongs to his victim. However these acts of the strong individual keep strengthen the weak one to be strong as well “Thomas Hobbes”.

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