Highest corruption of evil

The most perceiver of this evil is the ladies who were sexually molested/abused by their lecturers in different schools everywhere around the globe. These abusive acts is rampant in this modern age Africa precisely, this sexual harassment come to the average ladies frequently, sometimes it’s also applied to average boys as well. For boys, they can/not be forced to be harassed by any person in question (average boys).

 At ladies perspective, they are been persuaded for it to their detriments. There is no doubt that everywhere you go today you will definitely hear this abusive story and the worst part of all is that the story about this is been neglected and reduced to be nothing without a lawful punishment to the offender.

It is highly observed that this highest corruption of evil is not only seen in higher institutions around the globe but can also found in the churches, different hierarchy offices, also in primary schools and secondary schools, even in the different houses.

However, this atrocity is generally unacceptable; imagine a situation where a father/uncle will persuade her daughter to have sex with her, a 7-12 years old child and at the same time warned her not to disclose it to anyone, with a treating warning of killing her if she does. As long as this girl has adhered to the instruction treats, he would go ahead to perpetuate the life of the little child without fear.

It’s obvious that this brings the total destruction/distraction to our pretty young girls; the biggest destruction of all is that all hope concerning their bright future and human survival will be totally lost, as well as to destroy the new generation/hope of the world.

Say no to this highest corruption (corruptio optimi persima), sometimes, these girls putted their selves in great problems by making reports because they will go to the same people in schools to make report after which, nothing would be done about it; if time is not taken, the victim might be perpetuated by the same people (lecturers).  

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