Man should believe thyself

It’s true that man is surrounded with problems, but it is obvious that they hardly believe that unmoved problem/poverty is said to be unmoved because people surrounded with this problems have never believed in thyself to move that problem. There is no amount of problem that is said to be unmoved; it is you that called your situation unmoved because you have believed that you lack the capacity to move your problem.

There is no cause that cause by itself, it was really a cause that caused cause to caused, and nothing is moved by itself, there is a the power of unmoved mover, which is after God comes you “Thomas Aquinas”.  However, man moves/alleviate his problems because you stand to defend yourself from all your existing limitations of temporalities in life “Martin Heidegger”

However, self actualization is the stepping stone of every knowledge in life (man should know thyself) “Socrates”

Have you seek to create something new? What type of legacy have you wished to create? Self determination is the beginning of every success creation.

It’s true that human intellect furnishes us with fresh ideas and knowledge; sometimes we run out of ideas to create something new, idea to make a difference. Individuals have the ability to make a right choice which can help them to achieve authenticity in life. Our idea is our crown creation and there is nothing immutable about them.

Individuals have everything to achieve anything in life if only that he wants to do so “John Dewey”. You actually have the capacity to move poverty, problems or hardship to success, man is unmoved mover to himself. Your achievements lies on you, you are the architect of your glory.

Make a drastic change, add values to your life and start something new. It is only an old man that gets tired of life, he is tired because he is old and has weak blood, flesh and bone, such man, there is no hope of long life or hope to add values again.

Get things done, you could start new small scale business, borrow money with what you have to get what you want, lend out your property, deliver goods, start home lesson etc. you can be what you don’t expect. Believe in your self  

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