Answers to the question every woman seeks for.

  1. How do men feel about women who frequently demand for money?

In the first place, prove to be responsible at the beginning of the relationship; don’t demand for money at just the beginning. Unless you’re perfectly comfortable with the title gold digger. However, if you’re in a relationship just both of you and you’re really in need his financial support, mention it and see how he reacts. Just say something like this, “I’m really in a crunch and I’m highly embarrassed to ask for your assistance, but I really need your help. Could you please loan me at least #30,000 to meet my house rent payment? And I will really pay you back as soon as possible; I promise. However, some men who really cherish you never care about such.  

2. Do men mind if their woman doesn’t work?

Truly almost every man nowadays wants their woman to engage in something else; so both could team to work out their ends meet. But if a man is actually in a position to provide everything that the family needs, most men would not be bordered with their woman at any level at all.   

3. Would men mind to help their woman maintain their business?

It would be problematic if you’re dealing with a man his life is on track; but it would be also nothing to a man who has less broaden attached to his life, it would be nothing to him to perform his act of love at you by helping you to build/maintain your business.

4. Do men like shopping as women do?

Men do, if only their woman needs their accompany; that’s just the only way men spend time with shopping. But it’s not truly what men really needs. Check it out; men’s department is almost at the first step entrance and their apartment is always small in size; because men don’t spend time making selections like ladies, perhaps testing and sizing and more of that; just get in take whatever he needs and get out, that’s just the simple life of men.

5. How do men feel about women driver?

This is computer age (21st century) nowadays it’s almost necessary that woman try their very best to adapt driving, predominantly to convey their children to school; so most men don’t find anything bad with that. However, there’re still some old-fashioned, chauvinist men who think women should leave the driving to the opposite sex. But seriously, it really makes no sense.

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