Six ways to maximize procrastination and maximize motivation this months

To be the most profitable, successful and happy at whatever you wants to achieve in life, more especially if you are producing intellectual products;

          You need to be free from environmental distractions. This will rebrand your mental focus to concentrate on the main task at hand.

            Start something doing whenever you’re idle; this will alleviate you from laziness and will automatically generate you physical strength and idea will overtake you. However, once you start something doing, you will be surprise on how easy you will find the act performing; it will definitely turn to be easy. Never you hesitate on starting something, get one your projects done anytime you’re less busy.

         Avoid any controversial contact from the environment; anything that will make you lose focus will potentially set you up for procrastination and destroy your vision and concentration.

Take the appropriate time for eating, sleeping, exercise and more of that; however you will maintain the abortion of these things as well because a healthy mind and body is less likely to procrastinate. You will feel better, more upbeat and active, and more optimistic about accomplishing your goals sooner rather than later. Perhaps, if you’re tired or hung-over, you will be less productive and likely to be procrastinating till the next morning.            

          Try to be mixing your projects/assignment together so you will not appear to be doing one particular thing every day long. When you keep things fresh they will always appear to be more interesting and as well compelling you to work on (forward ever) and you will be less procrastinating your work.

         Keep your thought positive and passive and be observable on when entering a cycle of procrastination. This point is where you will need to address your mind over matters. Start by just getting into it and doing step one of whatever your task is and go from there. Sit down and break the project up into consumable parts that are less daunting.

I wish you a successful and happy month to come.

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